Guidance & Careers

Guidance Counsellors

Ms. C. McNally (alpha A-U, Department Head): or by phone 519-660-2796 ext 28042

Ms. A. Zebregts (alpha V-Z, Elementary Guidance): or by phone 519-660-2796 ext 28041
How to Make an Appointment:
If you need to see your counsellor, please complete an appointment request slip found on the counter in guidance and place in the respective mailbox. You will then receive it back in your homeroom with a time and date set for you. Let your classroom teacher know ahead of time when you need to leave class and bring the slip with you. It will become your admit slip upon your return to class.
Grade 12
Research, research, research!  Post-secondary planning is crucial!  What school do you want to go to?  Which school offers the program of your choice?  What courses and what grades do I need?

1. Start with your IPP.  My Blueprint holds valuable information and live links to every college and university.  Do your research there first.

2. Go to Ontario Universities Info or to find out more.  

3. Take the time to actually visit and tour the college or university of your choice.  What does it feel like?  look like?  how close or far is it from home?  There will be a visit to the College Fair in October. The UIP will be here on November 7th.  Make the most of your opportunities and explore the next step. 

Financial planning is an important step to your post-secondary life.  Make sure you know how you are going to pay for your post-secondary education.  Check out Get Smarter About Money for more information.  Scholarship information is available in guidance. Please see attached list from A to Z.
Helpful sites:

Grade 11:
You will be making some very important decisions when picking courses for next year. Take the time to review the post secondary programs that you are thinking of and make sure that you are familiar with the pre requisites that are required. Make an appointment with your guidance counsellor to review these pre-requisites if needed.

Grade 10: Don't forget to update your IPP.  My Blueprint has valuable information regarding career exploration and course planning.  Many features of this program will be explored in your GLC2O class.  If you took GLC2O in the summer and are not familiar with the program, please make sure you do the research for your academic planning.

Grade 9:  Take our Kids to Work has been cancelled for 2020 due to the Covid-19 virus.   


Summer School

Summer School with the London District Catholic School Board offers many opportunities.  Students can choose from classes that are done in-class at school, eLearning courses with teacher assistance at school once a week during summer school, Co-op classes for those who would like learn on the job while applying it to their current courses.  There are travel courses where students can earn a credit while travelling to different cities, such as Ottawa, Montreal and New York and even one that travels to Italy.  Meet new friends, take courses that will help open your timetable to take the courses for your next destination after high school or learn something new that you are interested in. 

Registration Information

Dual Credits at Fanshawe College

The Dual Credit program is a Ministry-approved program that allows students, while they are still in secondary school. to take college or apprenticeship courses that count towards their OSSD and possibly towards a post-secondary certificate, diploma or apprenticeship certification. Students may earn up to four optional credits through college-delivered courses towards their OSSD completion.

Especially for teens, Students Club is an all-access pass to all six Spriet Stage shows for only $81. Become a member and enjoy a fun night out with friends that includes a ticket to the show, exclusive pre-show events, pizza and pop, artist lead activities and discussions in the rehearsal hall, and post-show Q&As. Students Club is scheduled on select Wednesday and Thursday evenings.