Graduation Information

Graduation is the receiving of a diploma or the ceremony associated with it, in which students move on from secondary
school to post-secondary. For some, it marks the beginning of adulthood and a new phase of their life. For many, it marks a farewell to HCC and a celebration marking their ability to meet the expectations set out by the Ministry of Education. For all, it should be a proud and exciting day which you share with your family and friends .
Who can graduate?
Holy Cross Graduation 2020
Thursday, June 25th, 7:00 p.m. - Holy Cross Cafetorium
The evening consists of two parts: Mass followed by the Graduation Ceremony. Students should arrive by 6:15 p.m. (report to the gym).
Graduation Fees
A graduation fee of $75 is charged to students to cover the following elements of graduating:Grad
  • Gown and Stole rental
  • Printing costs (diploma, invites, programs …
  • Diploma Cover
  • Graduation sitting fee, composite and proofs
  • Graduation tickets (3 guests per graduate)
  • Caps (to be kept by student)
  • Reception
  • Individual Ceremony Photo (electronic)
  • Group Ceremony Photo (electronic)
** If you are not attending the Grad Ceremony the fee is $30 (included: Grad photo sitting fee, composite, diploma cover and proofs).
All fees can be paid using School Cash Online. Fees are due on or before Friday, February 14th. If you are unable to use this service, please e-mail
(There will be a $10 additional late fee after Friday, February 14th. After June 1st, there is a $50 non-refundable fee due to pre-paid contracts)
Graduation Photos
Graduation photos are completed by Edge Imaging. Portrait sittings take place on February 18-20 at Holy Cross. Students sign up for the portrait session online at Please use the Holy Cross school code HOL. Every graduate needs to have a photo sitting for the school composite regardless of whether they intend to purchase a photo package. The sitting cost is included in the HCC graduation fee.
Grad Rehearsal
On Thursday, June 11th, all graduates will be recognized at a school mass during the school day. This will be followed by a grad rehearsal, grade 12 retreat and barbeque. Attendance for these events is mandatory for all graduates.
A valedictorian is an individual selected by their classmates to deliver a closing or farewell statement at the graduation ceremony. At HCC, it is a role which is voted upon by the graduating class to represent their sentiments at the conclusion of the ceremony. Grade 12 students can nominate another student who meets the valedictorian criteria by completing the nomination form (guidance office). Nominations need to be submitted by February 14th.
Please see the valedictorian criteria on the form to determine who is eligible and how to nominate a graduating student.
Students will receive their diploma at the graduation ceremony. Students who are unable to attend the ceremony can pick up their diploma at the HCC main office any day following the graduation ceremony.
The name that appears on the diploma must be the student's legal name. Nicknames or commonly used names are not allowed. Students have a choice of whether to include legal middle names and/or initials. The school will make provision for students to identify which names they prefer on their diploma and to ensure the correct spelling of their name.
Gown Orders
Students are responsible for indicating the size of gown they require for graduation. This is done when they pay their fee through School Cash Online. At this point they will be asked to input the required size based on their height. Special orders can be made through the office.