School to Community Pathways

Our School to Community Pathways Program (SCPP) is an individualized program aimed at preparing students with IEPs for their lives post 21. We offer dynamic courses where students work on specialized skills in our classroom. Students work at their own pace and at their own level under the supervision of a Special Education teacher with the support of Educational Assistants​. Students can improve their Literacy and Numeracy skills, supplement their Daily Personal Living Skills and still be integrated into credit or non-credit bearing classes. If your child has exceptional needs and you would like to learn more about our program, please contact the school. 

Best BuddiesBest Buddies
Best Buddies is a world wide organization that supports schools to start up local chapters. Best Buddies provides all participants with a once in a life time opportunity to make a new friend. The program is simple but effective. A student with an intellectual disability who is a member of a Best Buddy chapter is paired with a high school student in a one to one friendship. The peer Buddy spends time casually with their buddy whenever they can. They may have lunch, text or call them on the phone. Periodically the school chapter runs fun events and gets all the Peers and Buddies together.