Uniform Policy

By choosing to attend Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School, students and parents have made a serious and long-term commitment to Catholic Education. The uniform is a part of that commitment and is what unites us as a school community. As a student at Holy Cross, you are an ambassador of all that Holy Cross symbolizes. Because of this, the uniform should be worn proudly and in good repair. 

  • Hats or any other head gear, sunglasses, chains, and extreme jewelry shall NOT be worn in the school.
  • All uniform pieces must be monogrammed and from McCarthy's. Uniforms are to be neat and clean with no altering of style or colour.

One of the following collared TOPS are mandatory:

  1. Unisex golf shirt, women's short/long sleeved golf shirt, men's/women's dri-fit golf shirt, long sleeved polo shirt, (Only the two top buttons may be left undone), women's fleece mockneck full zip, adult full-zip sweatshirt or 1/4 zip sweatshirt and/or v-neck vest.
  2. Optional: If a t-shirt is worn underneath the above items, it must be short sleeved and plain white, grey, yellow or black. Long sleeve is acceptable under the vest.

One of the following BOTTOMS are mandatory:

  1. Cotton khaki or solid black pants OR men's or women's shorts.
  2. Optional: Kilts for females only (must be no higher than 8 cm above the knee).

School Uniform Expectations

A student must be in complete uniform throughout the school day, from the time of arrival to the time of departure. The complete uniform is to be worn at all school-conducted functions, including field trips, unless permission is given to the contrary.

Coats or non-uniform outerwear are to be stored in lockers when students are inside the school. Footwear is to be in good repair. Pants are not to be tucked into footwear.

If there is a serious domestic emergency that results in the student being out of uniform then the student must see the Vice Principal prior to the beginning of school with a parental note.

Students will comply immediately with any instruction from staff. Serious problems will be directed to the office. Students out of uniform will not be allowed into classrooms.


Students who present themselves in class without proper uniform will not be permitted to remain in class and asked to return once they are in compliance. The student may need to contact a parent to make arrangements for their uniform. Students will not be permitted into class without acceptable uniform attire.  Persistent and habitual neglect of the school's uniform policy constitutes a breach of the Code of Behaviour, and may result in further disciplinary action. 

Uniform Requirements:

  1. Uniforms are to be worn throughout the school day, and at all times while on school property (including the smoking area and parking lot) from the time of arrival at school until 15 minutes after the last bell.  The expectation is that students are in uniform throughout the school day.
  2. Uniforms are to be neat, clean, and in good repair (no altering of style or colour).
  3. Shorts and kilts are to be worn no higher than 8 cm above knee level.
  4. Extreme over-sizing or under sizing is not allowed.
  5. Socks or tights that are worn must be in solid white or black, colours.
  6. Appropriate footwear must be worn.
  7. No tucking of pant legs into footwear. Pant legs must be worn at the intended length. (except as noted above).
  8. The wearing of non-uniform clothing over or under the HCC uniform is not allowed.

Students who are not in uniform or do not meet the uniform requirements, will report to the Office. Their parents will be contacted and appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken if the behaviour persists. The school administration reserves the right to suspend students from their remaining classes or to send home students who are not dressed in accordance with this uniform policy. 


Any clothing or accessories which depict or suggest association with a gang, may be considered obscene or offensive, may be associated with drug emblems, tobacco or alcoholic beverage references shall not be worn.

School administration is solely responsible for establishing what is considered to be appropriate and reasonable in accessories and styles. Exceptions to the policy are at the discretion of the Principal or designate.


There is no provision in the uniform policy for students to wear any other uniform than the prescribed school uniform.


The physical education uniform consists of a Centurion T-shirt, black shorts, white socks and running shoes.  The Centurion T-shirts and shorts may be purchased from the physical education department the first week of the semester. The Ontario Physical and Health Education Association stipulates that jewelry of any kind is not to be worn during physical education classes.  This includes all piercings.


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