Extracurricular & Clubs


What Makes HCC EXTRA-Special?

It has to be the many extracurricular activities that make our school shine! Every year, staff and students enjoy a wide range of events and activities, from fundraisers to performances to extra-special events!

​Extracurricular activities include:

  • Choir
  • BOSS Day
  • School Musical Production
  • Relay for Life​

Clubs at HCC

Art Club

Art Club meets every Wednesday from 2:30-4:00 in the Art room. The Art Club works on various projec​ts that support many different activities at HCC. We paint the banners that you see displayed in the front foyer, plan and create the environment for school masses, enhance the visuals for special events such as the fashion show or drama productions, curate and​ install arts displays in the student gallery and around the school and much, much more.​

​This Knitting Club offers an opportunity for students to learn the craft of knitting​, as well as other yarn crafts such as crochet and loom-knitting. All equipment and materials are supplied to members, and instruction is provided by the club leaders.​​ We meet every Thursday at lunch.
Swing Dance Club
Do you enjoy dancing? The Swing Dance club is for you. Students create and perform dances that developed with the swing style of jazz music in the 1920s–1940s. Even if you've never danced before, swing dance could be your thing!
Enviro Club​

​The Enviro Club takes care of recycling at HCC. We also enter the Classroom Energy Diet Contest each year by creating a video to encourage being energy efficient. This year the club purchased "snake plants" which are excellent filters of polluted air and have distributed them to all HCC classes.
Fishing Club
The fishing club enjoys a once /year, full day trip to a fishing derby in the spring. Students need not be expert fishers but have to have the necessary equipment to participate. 

​A co-curricular club that produces the annual HCC yearbook. Students learn about graphic design, photography, desktop publishing and project management while building the yearbook and other HCC graphic project.​​​​​​​​
Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplaincy Team meets every Wednesday at lunch. We are a group who get together to live out God's call to build community based on the principles of love and service to others. Everyone is always welcome!


​​Mathletes meet weekly on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 210. We work through a variety of interesting and challenging math problems to prepare for math contests in the spring. This year, for the first time, we competed in a team contest which was a lot of fun!
Best Buddies
HCC Best Buddies firmly believe that friendship is important in the development of all people and that  friendship is a medium through which they can become members of the community.  This club works to reinforce inclusion and friendship within the HCC community.
Wii Games Club

Members of the Nintendo Wii Games Club enjoy playing classic Mario Bros and Pokemon games over lunch. Students will bring in their own NDS and have epic multiplayer battles with friends.

HCC Choir

The HCC Glee Club performs music for Holy Cross Masses, concerts and assemblies. Repertoire ranges from Renaissance pieces in Latin to show tunes, classic pop music and everything in
Prom Committee

​The Prom Committee meets on Thursdays at lunch in Room 205 to plan for the upcoming 2020 Prom. This year we have a phenome​nal prom committee!! Their hard work, energy and enthusiasm are very much appreciated and do not go unnoticed. From fundraising to organizing Prom Day, these members have been dedicated and reliable.

HCC Concert Band

​The HCC Concert Band is a symphonic ensemble that performs art music, film scores, Broadway and pop. The largest ensemble at HCC includes percussion, wind and string instruments. They perform at HCC events and tour local community venues.

Tech Club
​​​Students interested in automotive, manufacturing or construction can join the Tech Club. You can get extra help, finish your class projects, work on their own extra projects or just hang out!​

The Loving, Inclusive, Non-judgmental Christ-centered group (LINC) strives to promote acceptance and equality in our school community. With this group, we hope to create a peaceful learning environment and raise awareness for mental and physic​al challenges, sexual orientation and gender and racial inequality. We believe that everyone has the right to belong in the community, and that no one should be ostracized because of who they are.



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Fishing Club
Fishing Club