Welcome New Students

Principal's Message
Welcome new students to the 2021-22 school year; we look forward to having our newest Centurions join our community. It will be a different year than usual, however, we are doing our best to give students a great experience and as many opportunities as possible to make this year a great one. Very important to us is your health, safety and well being. Equally important to us is ensuring that our students have what they need to learn in an environment that allows them to reach their potential. We are excited to report that we can host an in-person orientation day this year, which is being held on Wednesday, September 1st from 9am-1pm. We hope that many of the answers to your questions can be found on this page and this will help you transition to Holy Cross seamlessly.
Each year brings positive change and there have been changes at Holy Cross. We're bringing on some new staff, we've updated some parts of the school to make our building that much better, we've purchased new resources and equipment for classrooms and of course, we've made plans to make your transition to Holy Cross a positive one.
We look forward to a new school year. So welcome aboard Centurions!! 
First Floor Map
HCC Social Media and Online Information
Stay connected to Holy Cross by connecting to these official HCC social media outlets ...
Official Web Page - https://hcc.ldcsb.ca/
Official Twitter - @HCCenturions (https://twitter.com/HCCenturions)
Official Facebook - @HCCenturions (https://www.facebook.com/HCCenturions/)
Official Instagram - hccenturions (https://www.instagram.com/hccenturions/)
Official YouTube Channel - Holy Cross Centurions
School Uniform
By choosing to attend Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School, students and parents have made a serious and long-term commitment to Catholic Education. The uniform is a part of that commitment and is what unites us as a school community. As a student at Holy Cross, you are an ambassador of all that Holy Cross symbolizes. Because of this, the uniform should be worn proudly and in good repair. 
To read through the uniform policy, click here.  To get information regarding buying your uniform, click here.
Watch this short video explaining what happens when you're not in proper uniform and explaining the uniform pieces.
Lockers have been assigned to students and your locker number with combination will appear on the schedule you receive on the first day of school. There will have a lock already on your locker. If you need help opening your lock, watch this short video
School Events
All school events/activities will be posted and kept up-to-date on our school website. You can access them on our main page by clicking Show All Events.
Guidance Department
Our Guidance Counsellors are Mrs. McNally and Ms. McGowan. For some general information from our Guidance department, visit their page on our web site. Everything from how to make an appointment to available programs at HCC can be seen there.
Homework Help
If you require homework help, we suggest you discuss this with your teacher or visit your guidance counsellor for some resources. Math help can be accessed online at TVO Mathify.
Teams and Clubs
Currently, we don't know what the status is of our athletics and we're awaiting direction from our league, TVRA. Should athletics run this year, we have a number of teams that compete in 3 different seasons. We also have a number of clubs at Holy Cross and we'll attempt to make as many as possible available for you during this unique model of school as well. Check out the selection on the Athletics and Extra-Curricular page.
When will I get my Schedule?
All students will receive a copy of their schedule on the first day of school in their homeroom class. Homeroom classes will be posted outside the main office on the first day so students know where to go.
How do I pay for things at HCC?
Parents can continue to use Cash Online to pay for most things at HCC. If you have an account from last year, keep using it, if not then you can create one very easily on their website.
Will there be a Used Uniform Sale at the start of the year?
Typically this happens during the orientation session for grade 9's. We are planning on a new date to have this. Please watch your email, HCC social media and/or this page for updated information.
What is Spirit Wear and where can I get it?
Spirit wear is not uniform but additional pieces of HCC clothing (e.g. t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies) promoting school spirit, that can be worn during designated Spirit-Wear days (check calendar for these) or Off-Uniform Days (last Tuesday of each month) at HCC. Spirit wear can be purchased on-line at Great Promotions and will be delivered to the school.
All grade 9 students will receive an HCC t-shirt on the first day of school as part of their welcome.
What is the Parent Portal?
The parent portal gives parents online access to see their child(ren)'s schedule, attendance, past marks, credit count and so on. Details on registering for this can be found on the Parent Portal page.
Where do I find information about reporting absences to the school?
For information about reporting absences click here and for other Attendance related policy information, click here. Watch a short video of a student returning from an absence.
Where do I find the Student Expectations and School Policies?
This can all be found on our web page at Student Expectations.
Address changes and demographic changes.
If you have a change in address, living arrangements, phone number, email address, etc., please inform the main office of the school so we can continue to keep in touch with you throughout the school year.