Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education provides secondary school students with a wide range of learning opportunities connected to their Co-opcommunities outside the school. It is designed to recognize and respond to the diversity of Ontario's student population, and it is an opportunity to engage all students. In Cooperative Education, students learn in safe, culturally responsive environments in the community, and they are actively involved in determining what they learn, how they learn, when and where they learn, and how they demonstrate their learning. Participation in Cooperative Education can lead to transformational change, engaging students in unique experiences that they will remember throughout their lives.
This cooperative learning experience could not happen without the partnership between Holy Cross and the greater Strathroy community. Strong community partnerships with local businesses are essential to providing students with rich, relevant cooperative educational experiences. These organizations provide expertise, skills materials, and programs that are not available through the school or that supplement those that are. Partnerships with these organizations hopefully provide a mutually beneficial relationship between the businesses, the students and Holy Cross.
We would like to take this opportunity to recognize our community partners who support the Holy Cross Coop Program and year after year generously offer to welcome Holy Cross students into their workplaces. We would also like to encourage you to support these businesses as well when the opportunity arises.
Course Information

Specialized Placements
Placements at the Animal Hospitals, Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital, Retirement Facilities, the Police Station and major manufacturers are arranged by the Coop Advisor, Mrs.Griffis. Please make arrangements to meet with her and let her know your intentions.

Trade/Tech Students

Students interested in having a placement in a trade should have taken a tech course in that field to ensure an interest and some prior knowledge. Trades like electrical, construction and plumbing are asked to have their own transportation as they may be required to find their own way to different job sites. Afternoon Coop is also recommended.

This is the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program. Students in Red Seal Trades can work towards hours which can be applied to their Post-Secondary Apprenticeships.

OYAP Level 1
These students are required to be enrolled in both morning and afternoon Coop sections in the second semester. They will receive 2 high school credits and 2 dual credits(for the Fanshawe portion). The Level 1 portion of the course requires the students to attend Fanshawe College full-time from May to the end of June. Trade courses offered are determined by Fanshawe College but in the past have included electrical, construction, machining, transportation and hairstyling. To get more information and fill out an application please see Ms. Zebregts in the guidance office.

Please download the Employer Contact Form below and get to work finding employers willing to take you on as a Coop student. Return completed forms to Mrs. Griffis or Mr. Stevenson by mid-June.
Co-op Teachers:
Nancy Griffis - [email protected]
Cam Hagle - [email protected]
Mike Stevenson - [email protected]