Parents must register their children for bus service for the 2020-21 school year by August 14, 2020.
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Southwestern Ontario Student Transportation Services (STS) is the transportation consortium responsible for planning school bus services for all schools in the LDCSB.  School Administration does NOT have the authority to add passengers, change routes or pick-up/drop-off points, or transfer students from one bus to another. This is done through STS. For more information regarding busing or for forms requesting a change in bus route, please visit their website at

Not all students are eligible to access busing in order to get to school. Bus service is provided to students who reside greater than 3.2 km from their Board-designated school. For "Safe School" purposes all students who have the privilege of transportation MUST show a current Holy Cross student photo ID card whenever requested by the driver.

Any problems with student behaviour on school-related bus trips that are reported to the school will be dealt with by the school administration.  A failure to maintain appropriate behaviour on the bus will result in consequences which may include the loss of bus privileges.

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